Should I Paint My House?

A question most home owners ask themselves isn’t SHOULD I paint my house, as much as it is WHEN should I paint my house.

The popular website, How Stuff Works, states “How often you need to repaint the exterior of your home depends on a few variables: where you live, the type of materials your house is made with, and the quality of the materials you use for the project.”

At A-1 Coatings Painting, we are firm believers in “an ounce of prevention,” and recommend that home owners in the Kansas City area consider repainting the exterior of their homes every 6-8 years.

What’s the point?

Aside from general aesthetics, choosing not to paint the exterior of  your home could create many issues, such as wood rot. Wood rot can appear overnight if the home is not protected by a good quality paint. Additionally, fixing wood rot can oftentimes cost as much as painting the exterior of the home.

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