My Winter Weekend Project is STILL Not Done

Spring has officially arrived in Kansas City, which means that many home owners are abandoning their weekend gone winter-long-still-not-finished project for outdoor projects.

Now is the time to ask yourself:  Will I EVER complete that indoor project?

Be realistic. Do you enjoy painting the interior of your house THAT much?!  What about all of that tape?  The prep work?  Cutting in the edges?  Oh, and the ever-so-fun CLEAN UP!

Do yourself (and your family) a favor.  Don’t start your spring without clearing off your winter project “to do” list.  Let A-1 Coatings Painting finish (or start) your interior painting project and get it off of your list.

“DIY” might take LESS out of your pocket book, but it also takes MORE time away from your family (and you). 

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